Friday, April 3, 2015

The Winter of 2015

Oh, my gosh, what a winter it has been!  The snow just never stopped. 

Well, after breaking all records for snow here, it's starting to look like I may actually be able to get outside with my camera again.

I was checking out my lens, looking out the window during a snowstorm a couple of weeks ago, and saw these two red-tailed hawks.  What a lucky break for me that I happened to look out at the right time.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

A Visitor!

The day before yesterday, I was returning from our mailbox with my two little dogs on leash, and was greeted by a fox in my front yard.  He looked very scrawny and not too healthy, and my first concern was rabies.  My dogs had their shots, but what about me?

The fox didn't run, and just stood there, staring at me.  Oh, gee, not a good sign.  It was only when I yelled at my dog to stop lunging, that the fox turned and ran. 

The fox came back yesterday, and was munching on apples that had fallen from our trees in the back yard.  I immediately grabbed my camera, hoping to get some beautiful photos, only to realize that the fox was not just scrawny, he was terribly sick!  The poor little guy was covered in mange, and just miserable--scratching constantly, with sores all over, and skin that looked like a leper.  His eyes were swollen shut, and that's when I realized why he hadn't run away the day before, even though I was right in front of him.  He couldn't see me!  

I searched the internet, and found a few places that would rescue him.  This WEBSITE for the Tufts Wildlife Medical Program showed a heartwarming story of the rescue and rehab of a little fox that looked just like mine.  (Yes, I think of him as "mine" now.)  I called Tufts this morning and spoke to a wonderful girl who was extremely helpful, knowledgeable, and sympathetic. 

When a fox gets mange, the itch is terrible, and they lose much of their heavy coat.  Now that our nights are getting colder, he could die of hypothermia without treatment.

He stayed around nearly all afternoon, eating apples...

and trying to keep warm in the sun.
Notice that his eyes are nearly completely shut.  This means that he can't hunt, and has to hope there's something on the ground that he can eat that won't run away!

Poor little guy kept wiping his eyes...
 Look at those big paws!  He hasn't grown into them yet.  He must be young.

Finally, he curled up and went to sleep...
The people at Tufts asked me to keep a lookout for him, and if he comes back, they'll try and get him.  Maybe he'll be their next success story!  I hope so!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

"Moth Orchid" Watercolor

I found a photo online of a moth orchid taken by photographer, Cindy Flood.  She kindly gave me permission to use her photo as a reference for my watercolor painting.  This is 14" x 11", on Fabriano Artistico Soft Press, 300# paper. 

"Moth Orchid"
(Reference Photo by Cindy Flood)

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

New Watercolor Portrait

I never got to really know my father-in-law, since he was already over 90 years old and in a nursing home when my husband and I got married.  But my husband told me so many beautiful stories of his memories of his father that I started to feel like I knew him.  He had been a cabinet member of Chiang Kai Shek back in China, but came to America when the wars started.  Once here, he became a divinity student and minister, finally also being a professor at Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary.  He was beloved by students, faculty, and everyone else who met him.  In this portrait, I tried to capture the kind gentleness of his personality.

"Reverend Lit-Sen Chang"
Watercolor on Fabriano Artistico Soft Press 11 x 14

Monday, April 22, 2013

My Review of Winsor & Newton Series 7 Watercolor Brushes

Originally submitted at Jerry's Artarama Art Supplies

Series 7 Brushes - The Ultimate Artists' Kolinsky Sable Watercolor Brushes Made in England by Winsor & Newton, The Series 7 brushes take the best craftsmen they have as each brush is fashioned by hand using the dexterity and skill born after 7 years of experience by each craftsman. The resu...

Lovely brushes

By Jean from Wilmington, MA on 4/22/2013


4out of 5

Describe Yourself: Artist

Primary use: Personal

Was this a gift?: No

I have far too many sable brushes, but I love them! In the Winsor & Newton Series 7, I have sizes 2,4,and 6. The one I am reviewing is a 00 miniature. I have only used it a few times so far, but it is similar in quality to the other Series 7's. To be honest, I think in a brush that small, you could get by with synthetics.

The main problem I have had with the Series 7 brushes is that the lettering wears off, even after limited use. You wouldn't think that would be a problem, but if you have two that are close in size, you want to be sure to pick up the right one. Most of my sables are Raphael, Isabey, and DaVinci, and I have not had this problem of the lettering wearing off.

However, Winsor & Newton did replace the one I had the problem with. I'm noticing that now the Size 2 is doing the same thing, though.

They are still lovely brushes, though.


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

My Latest Painting

I finally finished another watercolor painting.  I painted this from a reference photo I had taken way back in 2005, when I was out to dinner for my birthday at Cafe Escadrille, in Burlington, MA.  My son ordered a bottle of wine, and the sommelier, Stephane, presented the glass of wine to taste.

While organizing my hard drive a couple of months ago, I came across the photo, and thought it would make a great painting.  It is watercolor on Fabriano Artistico hot press 140# paper, 11 x 14.  This painting will be exhibited at a local art show in June, and will be on sale.  Prints are available through both of my websites:

Le Sommelier Watercolor Painting
"Le Sommelier"

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Sparrows, Sparrows, Everywhere

We have had a few snowstorms, and I thought the birds would be anxious to come around to my feeders, but I haven't seen anything new lately, either in birds or animals. At least the sparrows can always be depended upon to visit! Here is a sweet little white-throated sparrow sitting on a dead tree stump. I can hardly wait for the warmer weather to arrive, so I can go out with my camera!

"White-Throated Sparrow"

Monday, February 25, 2013

"Three Pears"

I've been working on a complicated figurative painting, and I needed a break, so I did this watercolor painting of "Three Pears." My husband planted several fruit trees in our yard a few years ago, and this past summer they produced lots of fruit. It was wonderful to enjoy eating it, but I took photos, too, so that I could paint them.  Now that it's finished, I guess I have to get working on the other painting again!

Watercolor Portrait

"Three Pears"
9 x 12 Watercolor
140# Arches Cold Pressed Paper

Thursday, February 21, 2013

New Art Buddy

I've been lucky to meet so many nice people through the internet!  Quite a while ago, I joined Susie Short's group, "Watercolor Workshop" and found some wonderful new art friends there.  

Here is the website and blog of Donna Pierce Clark, one of the talented members of the group:

Daily Blog:

Check out her site!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Painting of Three Apples

I've been tidying up my studio/office, and came across some of my paintings that I had forgotten about.  I just placed this one of "Three Apples" on both of my websites, with each site offering slightly different types of prints, greeting cards, framing, etc.

"Three Apples"

The original of this painting is currently for sale for $175.00.  It will be shipped free anywhere in the USA, in an 8 x 10 mat opening to fit an 11 x 14 frame.  Please contact me, if interested!

Various prints and other items available both at my Main Website and my FAA Website.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

I finally got the colors on this blog to match my website.  Now I have to get up to date here. 

My most exciting happening this week, as far as birds go, was a surprise visit from a little eastern screech owl.  I was cooking dinner, and heard something thumping against the window of my sunroom.  I turned on the outdoor lights, and saw this cute little thing sitting on my railing.  He must have seen my pet lovebirds that are right inside the window.  He looks pretty disgusted that the "drive-up window" was closed.  I'm sure he thought he had his supper waiting for him!  LOL

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Completely redesigned my website!

Now it looks like I'll have to redesign this blog, too!  I had it all matched up pretty well to my website, with the same black background, etc., but I got tired of the black, and then got completely carried away with customization. 

Take a look at my "new and improved" website

My prices have also been lowered by more than half, and will be good until the end of March.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I've been busy!

I have spent the past several days redesigning my websites and coordinating my blog with my main site. What has kept me the busiest all year, though, was my painting. I had five portrait commissions that were due for Christmas, so together with my "day job" I had little time for anything else. I have joined Fine Art America, and my paintings and photos are now available for sale there as well as on my main site. I am going to completely revamp the pricing on my main site over the next few days, as well. A very exciting first for me is that my work is now available as gorgeous canvas prints in several sizes on
Here is a recent portrait I finished. It's a watercolor on Arches hot press paper, 11 x 14:

The biggest challenge in this one was the hair and mustache. With watercolor, rather than using white, you have to paint around the places that you want to leave white, using just the white of the paper. Painting around each hair really gave me a workout, not to mention probably needing a new prescription for my reading glasses!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Trying some macro work

I've started playing around with macro photography again.  I just got a set of extension tubes, and they really work great with my 300mm lens.  Here's an up-close and personal shot of a dragonfly.
The Original "Red-Eye" Flight

Friday, February 17, 2012

Is it really that long since I posted?

My gosh, I haven't posted in over a year. A lot has been happening, but it's too much for this one entry. I'll try and catch up bit by bit. My photography is still a big interest for me, and I've sold a bunch of photos to various places.

I've been spending more and more time on art, though, primarily watercolor, and I'll post some of those here as well. This is one of my favorites--Day lilies that were growing in our garden.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Finally got a chance to post here again!

It has been a busy time for me lately.  I had an exciting weekend, though.  Our local art exhibit was this week, and I submitted one of my drawings.  I was thrilled when I won the blue ribbon and first prize for it!

 Here's a better view without the frame, so there's no glare from the glass:

Leaving China Circa 1948

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Still looking for warblers...

The sun was shining off and on today, so I meandered down to the wetlands, hoping to spot some spring warblers, but if they were there, they were hiding from me.

Some chickadees were in one of our apple trees, though, and were willing to pose for me.

After a few shots, he looked at me as if to say, "Enough is enough!"

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Too rainy for photography, so I draw

             Here's a drawing of an orchid in Prismacolor pencils.  Since I was stuck inside because of the rain, I spent the time practicing art techniques.  Colored pencils are a little more difficult than some other mediums because it's harder to correct mistakes.  I love flowers, and this time of year will be bringing lots of different varieties to photograph and draw.

Orchid in Colored Pencil by Jean Chang

Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny, so I can get back outside with my camera.  The goldfinches have been visiting the feeders.  Now if I can just get them to perch on a pretty budding branch!

Friday, April 16, 2010

April 16, 2010 - Looking for Warblers!

It's springtime, and the warblers will be returning. This is a blackpoll warbler that I photographed last fall. You can view my warblers and other birds at my website here.

Blackpoll Warbler

There seems to be a reverse correlation between the birds and the weather.  When it's too rainy to go outside, that's when all the birds come around.  On the nice days I have a hard time finding them!